Designing Identity: Archer Home Services LLC

Some times designing a logo goes far beyond simply creating an attractive mark. For many professional services, your customers will encounter your brand through many different mediums. This is when developing a graphic identity or brand is necessary. Through careful planning and testing, a mark can be developed in junction with specific color palettes, to develop visual cues that will help make your business more recognizable through more than simply the logo mark itself. This is useful for obvious reasons, but has an astounding effect on the psychology of a consumer.

Take for example my most recent project; developing an identity for the start-up business Archer Home Services LLC. The client had several requests as far as what they would like to see in their mark. Following a short interview and a few exchanged emails, as well as completion of my Client Questionnaire, I was able to commence work. 

After an extensive research period into heating/cooling appliance manufacturers as well as the long lineage of maintenance and repair companies, I found that most had been established during the sort of typeface renaissance that gave birth to bold fonts like "Impact" that broadened strokes and lowered x-heights.  Most were overly simple with defining features consisting of bridged kerning or as simple as merely color. Another feature used to the point of near uniformity across the board was the inclusion of the red (heating) Blue (cooling) elements. Taking all of this information I decided to work with a text based logo instead of designing an icon or symbol. The classic logos were all text based, and it gives a sense of the history as well as the added benefit of being completely legible. Adjusting the letter spacing and bridging some gaps gave a more malleable form when it came time to add the upward arc. Initially the choice of the upward arc was inspired by the name itself - the path represented the arc an arrow might travel in flight. This shape when set black on white, already gives the feeling of upward movement. This can be interpreted a number of ways: Progress, positive movement, rising quality, heat rises...ok without being too contrived. The logo conjures positive emotions. 

When the choice of color was made, I was initially drawn to the duality and symbolism of the red and blue color palette. After some deliberation and exchange of concepts with the client, I decided on a more modern color set. The blue gives a cool inviting contrast to the light green that has become universally symbolic of conservation and efficiency - crucial when considering today's economic and social dialogue. 
Along with the development of the initial shape, it set the ground work for several examples of potential implementation for the design. From business cards to vehicle wraps, I have designed a groundwork for continuity throughout the brand. This being the most important aspect of identity development, a consistent style that can be made recognizable in any medium presented. 

My name is Matthew Martinez and I am a freelance graphic designer from Tucson Arizona. I am responsible for all aspects of Triniteye Concepts LLC and have nourished its growth from inception. If you would Like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to click the "contact" link at the top of the page, or email me at the email listed below! Thank you for taking the time to read through this post and I hope you leave a comment below!

Matthew Martinez
Freelance Graphic Designer
Twitter: @triniteye

05/22/2013 4:41am

Matt - great work. I felt cool & calm as soon as I saw it. I'm so happy you're finding success!

07/25/2014 10:53pm

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