Wedding invitations!

I was recently given the honor of designing some wedding invitations for two of my good friends who are getting married later this year in Norway! They had few specifications, aside from a personalized monogram to be incorporated into the design. Since I had never designed a wedding invitation before I decided to do some research, and found that there were very little restrictions as far as design was concerned. I was free to be as creative as I wanted and below you can see the fruits of those labors. I am very proud of the result - invitations themselves were printed by Jim at LetterPress Finesse here in Tucson. They are rolled up and tied with some twine, giving them a rustic old world look, very much in line with Norse traditional styles (They have a rich and colorful history, not to mention Norse Mythology). The invitations are stuffed into customized shipping tubes for shipping! Please leave any comments or feedback Below and thanks for Checking them out!

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Matthew Martinez
Freelance graphic designer
Triniteye Concepts
Twitter: @triniteye


03/19/2013 2:34pm

These are really amazing!

03/20/2013 6:50am

Hi Martinez! As promised I have checked this post out and I think your invites are AMAZEBALLS! I definitely believe in breaking the rules and love what you have done. The Norwegian influence is subtle but charming. It reminds me of a wiskey label but in a good way! I am half Norwegian myself and regularly visit family. Check out my blog post with inspiration in Norway:

Matthew Martinez
03/20/2013 8:29am

Haha thank you so much! I love your enthusiasm! I will check out your link now!

04/07/2013 10:42pm

Everything about these invites I like! It's has a rustic style that will stand out. Great job!

Matthew Martinez
04/08/2013 9:10am

Thank you very much Alex! This was a project that kept me excited from start to finish.

07/31/2013 10:37pm

That's very unique and interesting invitation designs .Like them very much.Good job. Keep updating.


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